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***1:1 Bookings and Packages are NON REFUNDABLE so please make sure you create the space for yourself for this commitment.  Please refer to Terms & Conditions for further clarification.

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"I laugh. I swear. I paint. I muse. I write. I make sounds. I nature. I yoga. I worship. I ritual. I magick.  I tap into consciousnesses, psychic avenues, and healing energies for myself and others.  I am a multi faceted being who puts her pants on the same way you do.  One fucking leg at a time."

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I create transformational sessions through art and energies to connect you to self energy.


Stop the outdated thinking and cycles that keep you from moving forward. Love yourself above all else. All transformation starts with self love and trust work by peeling back the layers of beliefs, learning how to  feeling emotions as an observer, and helping you through past present and ancestral cycles.  The relationship you have with yourself is how you show up for others.

I ride alongside you in journeying  for whole being wellness. From coaching, to a myriad of tools and energy modalities, all sessions are highly customizable to your uniqueness. Your ROI is, leave a session with answers, direction, tools, clarity, and spot on detailed information to support momentum and transformation.  Most people have permanent results in 4 sessions or less with a focused intention.

What are the benefits of self energy?
Heightened intuiton
Self Trust and assuredness
Connection with guides and divine source


Energy Fine Art Painting

Energy Charged Murals
Visual Alchemy Sigils©
Pooka Sprites®


Choose to work with  a strong intuitive and visionary with a strength for Brand Identity and Logos. I worked for large companies like Boda Borg Boston to small spiritual entrepreneurs who have need for discovering their visual voice and identity. I use my intuitive and psychic abilities with listening skills to create for clients giving me an edge above other designers. From purchasing services and products you receive personalized attention that is true and unique to your energy, your voice, ROI that continues to work for you, and high end visuals and energetic experiences that continue to feed your experience.


" You'd be crazy not to hire her for anything she offers."

" Kaile has helped me with both music and spiritual enlightenment. She provides a variety of services, including sound healing, hands-on reiki and mediumship. I have seen Kaile for all of the above. She made me feel incredibly welcome, comfortable, and I had such crazy emotional releases (crazy good) each time. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s nothing short of amazing."

— Jessie Kenny

" Kaile has the "It" Factor.  What ever it is, she's got it!"

— Steve Trezek - Fitastic

“Spot on F*ING amazing details. There is no mistaking this woman is the real deal in everything she does.  Eyes and ears for details in conjunction
with channeled intuition; WINNER.  I needed surgery on my knee and my foot.  Kaile tracked the energetic root cause and I have had no problems for over a year now since.”

— Elisha Garrity

“Kaile is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  I had the pleasure of working with her when I asked her to create a custom Pooka Sprite for me. It was such an amazing experience. There were a lot of synchronicities in the creative process. I had an idea in my mind  and the only thing I  told her was I'd like the colors green and purple. She totally nailed it right down to the antlers (which was just a vision in my mind not something I had originally wanted). Mayan is AMAZING. The intuitive ability that she has floors me.  She is also just a kind human being who still gives herself freely even when she is not 100%. I look forward to seeing where our paths lead us next!! All I can say is if you're thinking of working with her, DO IT!!! You won't regret it! ”

— Katie Frey

“I talked to this medium for about an hour and a half, and man, this lady was right on the money.”

— Maureen Thistle

***1:1 Bookings and Packages are NON REFUNDABLE so please make sure you create the space for yourself for this commitment.  Please refer to Terms & Conditions for further clarification.

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