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I call myself the Multidimensional because as a messanger and channel I am surfing through time, space, and dimensions; receiving information from various planes pertaining to you and your needs.  I cross oceans of time, connect with aspects of self, past life work, ancestral, and genetic information, soul work, higher self. I speak with collectives from the universe such as Galactics, and those from the Fae Realm as well as other guides.  I ask and receive all of these connections and info through channel and support of Source energy using the law of truth, clarity, and compassion.
This helps us track and pinpoint why's and other questions to help you transform on your journey.

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Choose email readings, zoom, or phone.  Watch for Special In Person EVENTS for 1:1, Group and Private, and Corporate


Readings often blend Channeling, Mediumship, Tarot, Psychic Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communication.

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Start your healing journey with a session package over zoom. Intend restorative or deep transformative work utilizing a variety tools.


Consider a goal to be worked on for the our sessions for deep long lasting change.

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Choose zoom, or phone.  Watch for Special In Person EVENTS for 1:1, Group and Private, and Corporate


This Session includes Mindset Coaching, Mentorship, Vibrational Advice, and Teaching depending on your focus.


Come curious with an open heart and mind as an explorer of all that you are. Remember the question:

"What else is possible?"  This is a mindsets which brings much success with any session work while releasing expectations and preconceived notions. 


Most sessions begin with a conversation. That conversation begins to expand into understanding of where you currently are and what is occurring in your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual body of your multidimensional self.  While listening to your story I begin to tap in on how to support your personal needs.  I say multidimensional because as a being, things to be considered, are not just of this earth plane.  Our energetic selves occur and have occurred in many times, spaces, and dimensions. Our genetics also play a strong part. Because of this very journey this carries incredible amounts of connections to more than just the experience of this life time and time line.  For lasting and root cause healing, these forgotten corners need to be explored and tracked especially for Medical Intuitive work.  

I pull together all my tools like Reiki, Thetahealing©, Channeling, Light Language, and Intuitive Psychic skills with Coaching and more to make sure you are fully supported.  No two sessions are exactly the same varying from person to person and each individual goal. I use the appropriate tools for the job, however most
 sessions including transformational talk have a heavy focus on shifting vibrational feeling and belief patterns.

You are an active participant in EVERY session.  Even restorative ones. The better the questions and discernment the better the answers and results.

For readings I highly recommend coming with a "to know list" and for healings coming with a "to heal list" and we will do our best to get to as much as we can in the time allotted.

For mediumship I do not control spirit, but have had excellent luck asking for specific individuals by name.   


Still not sure?

If you are feeling unsure about what you may need, book a free Clarity Call to navigate that into security and direction! Use the contact form, or for optimal results click "Clarity Call."

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