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I have a demonstrated proficiency in art and design having received commissions beginning at 17 years old. I've worked as a production artist helping other artists eventually exhibit in Boston at Lattitude Gallery, and landed many of my own projects as a muralist, and lead in house Artist in Residence for Boda Borg Boston. During college years my alma mata purchased one of my first abstract paintings, hired me for a logo, and I won contests for marketing materials for the student art shows.

My fine art works often are accompanied by channeled messages and those who have viewed them have had meditative and healing experiences receiving their own wisdom through the viewing.  Even the Pooka Sprites™ choose their person and have had messages and occurrences for those who seek their connection.

I am a creator at heart with everything I do and my joy and passion come from seeing a project through from concept to installation.   I enjoy seeing the possibilities of a vision and guiding it into being with whom ever chooses to create with me.  

I don't want you to like your designs, I want you to LOVE them.  I bring a very down to earth no frills relatable approach.  While my intuitive skills give me a real edge on most designers it's still about real people, real works of heART.

My ideal clients are Spiritual Entrepreneurs, out of the box thinkers, and people who want unique one of a kind pieces.  They would ideally co-creates with me, but trusts the artistic process and allows me the freedom to really dig into my soul to bring forward what yours needs to support your visual message or project.  All packages and price points are quoted by the job after a free in depth consultation with no obligation to buy.   I want to truly get to know you, your project, and create a solid connection.  

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I offer a comprehensive one hour project meeting to discuss your goals, needs, and explain how I work for you! We even flesh out preliminary details for you with no obligation to buy. All questions can be answered in this session for Commissions, Brand Identity, Murals, and Fine Art Installations.

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