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Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball


My mission is to create permanent everlasting change and transformation through Energies and Art for  spiritually evolved women who have hit a plateau in their own healing and growth, effective healing results for their clients,  and reconnect you to self energy.  My mission is to fully embody all of who I am to mirror the greatness and potential that exists within you.  To connect you to all aspects of what is possible in your own truth and uniqueness.  

I utilize a deep tool box customizing sessions for each individual goal.  Zero cookie cutter approach.

My mission is a deep dive for those who want to be empowered to make powerful decisions for becoming their most whole and powerful self.

Restore your soul sovereignty and accept the shine of a flashlight to support you in finding your truth and answers.




I have a vision that things can be approached differently for each soul. I have a vision that I can be all the things I wish to be for myself while showing up with those talents for what others need.  I have a vision that clients who seek me out, we will be in alignment together. We will see the reason the universe has brought us together. 

My vision says I can come to the table with my authentic self without and remain open for helping those who seek and in return we will both grow from each encounter.  

My vision says create the life you desire, and transform your current reality into the truth of all you wish be.

Love.  Create.  Transform.


Crystal Ball
Hand Embrace

Who I Serve

You are a spiritually evolved women who has already done a level of training and self work beyond stability work.  I am not for beginners or those in the thick of trauma who need stabilization.

You value commitment and dedication over fix me energy and quick fix.


You and are willing to be helped vs being fed an answer without following through - I help you know and understand yourself. 

You very rarely say I can't and come to the table with curiosity and enjoy woo and multidimensional dives in a practical and applicable way.  I call this beyond the broomstick - practical magic for everyday life


You value soul sovereignty
You value somatic work

You value shadow work

You value inner child work

You value being an active participant in your healing journey.

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