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Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball


I help souls rebirth into the wholeness of self.  My mission is to fully embody all of who I am to mirror the greatness and potential that exists within you.  To connect you to all aspects of what is possible in multidimensional and multi passionate ways so you can find your own uniqueness.

To leap beyond what's been told and taught in the past, seek new ways, and get results.



I have a vision that things can be approached differently for each soul. I have a vision that I can be all the things I wish to be for myself while showing up with those talents for what others need.  I have a vision that clients who seek me out, we will be in alignment together. We will see the reason the universe has brought us together. 

My vision says I can come to the table with my authentic self without having to pick a niche so I can be open to helping those who seek and in return we will both grow from each encounter.  

My vision says create the life you desire, and transform your current reality into the truth of all you wish be.

Love.  Create.  Transform.


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