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Thie order is for the higherst level of adornment offered in all of the varying races of Pooka Sprite culture. 

This pooka includes but not limited to any one of the Crystal Keepers, Bone Bearers, Sigil Gaurdiens, Singers, or races that exist with in pooka culture that carry the marks of their wisdom.  Pearlized poweders, midsized to large crystals with highest quality offering of gemstone, sigil details and more floof than the the other two models.  Includes hand sculpted elements of feathers and facial textures, large horns or antlers etc.

All Crystal guardiens include high quality specimen Gemstones, Crystals, Mineral Specimens.  Bone Bearers include real bones. Sigil Gaurdiens include but aren't limited to special magical marks.   As more factions reveal themselves they will carry the wisdom of what they keep in thier design.

Floof is defined as types of feather adornments and amount of that adornment. The higher the wisdom, the more varied the floof and specialty feathers.

High End Pooka Sprites

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