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Check out some of the events currently running, or jump to the descriptions below to see the events that I currently run for those who want to host me publicly or privately.

I really love what I do and am willing to travel to share.  Can we adventure together? I'm loving, creating, and transforming with others using a variety of self developed events.  The heart and soul of anything I offer is about creation and transformation. Right down to the spiritual coaching and healing. I think out of the box.  I am not married to a type of venue because I love working with people who want wellness for themselves and their patrons.  Let's be honest together, it's not about the common go tos that hold the vibration of wellness, it's the people involved that hold it.


My approach with people and patrons is to laugh with you, cry with you, and support you, because guess what?
I put my pants on the same way as you do and one real story can teach another. 


In addition to events at venues and business locations, all events translate to personal home hosted events. 

Cosmic Sky

*For any trouble using my website or booking: please contact my Web Administrator*

No upcoming events at the moment
talk and taro sigil.png


Original event described as laughter through tears, vulnerability at its finest, with a party style read where everyone in the room receives a blended reading of tarot, mediumship and intuitive guidance with elements of life lesson talk.  Minimum participants 5. Maximum participants 15

Gallery sigil.png


Live Gallery Events are a great way to experience Kaile's variety of live demonstrated mediumship, channeling, psychic intuitive work and medical intuitive work. A Gallery usually takes place in a larger function room. This is facilitated for one and a half hours.  Not all in attendance are guaranteed a reading, but do get to be witness to the joy and conection for others.

Sound Singing Sigil.png


A sound healing bath with singing vocalizations, handpan drum, and hands on energy work using Crystal Tones© Advanced Alchemy bowls.  Directly finishing the sounds, everyone recieves a message from channel and has the opportunity to share their experience.

Light Language Sigil.png


Experience downloads and activations with Light Language while drifting off to beautiful sound healing. Gongs, bowls, and other tones will be used as well as voice. 


Experience sitting under the copper pyramid to receive your personal light language transmission with varying instruments surrounded by crystals.

Intutive play.png


A unique play approach to build the bridge to spirit with engaging exercises then applied.  All levels of intuitives can benefit from practicing strong foundational and fun skill building in this style workshop.  You will be guided at the end to show how this translates for both  mediumship and intutive or tarot readings.

fullness of you sigil.png


Sound and Thetahealing Meditation.  Connect with the energies and fullness of Mother Earth and Mother Goddess energies during the full moon with the womb belly bowl. Participants receive personalized
channeled messages from various goddesses and downloads.

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