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What Exactly Does Being Spiritual Even Mean?

I made my first Tiktok video! What a pain. I don't want to have to always show up consistently to attract the right crowd, but now I can't stop thinking about how I can be creative this way to share my thoughts, art, talents and ideas about things if they will help another person. I no longer judge what will actually help someone. I am not in control of that at all. What someone does with my sharings is ultimately on them as long as I come into the communion with integrity and honesty. Inspiration comes in so many forms and each person out there has their own attraction points as to what they will listen too. HOW DELICIOUS for a multidimensional and multi-passionate entrepreneur! I such a variety of things who am I to hold back any of my sacred self medicine?

I got up early, made some coffee and planned to watch the little Juncos at my bird feeder puffing themselves in the snow. My favorite morning practice if i get up early enough. I started gaining inspiration about new Tiktoks thinking what's next? What else to share? Especially since, I set the tone with my first one of finally speaking out about the parroted jargon we have been fed in the spiritual community as truth. I'm relying more and more on my channel after years of self work and transformation with learning better levels of discernment and distinction.

I should have suspected this would turn into a channeling.

The idea came in to talk about Spirituality. Make it real for people, my guides said. Not some unattainable goal or woo fad. Believe me, I do love me some woo, but when it's helpful vs. a distraction.

All of a sudden I find myself engaged with my channel in a short discussion that wanted to extend, but felt myself getting ancy which eventually will shut a channel off. Before posting this, I let it be, then sat with it, and went back and tracked for truth or distortion for where I might be able to recognize it. Huzzah! feels in the truth meter! The Galactics weighed in with quite a few nuggets here and will be doing another channeling beyond this regarding the manipulation of energy and more that is alluded to here in this passage. "In the words of Abraham - There is great love for you here..." Begin Transmission: Spirituality is a way of life. A discipline. A conscious choosing to know your soul and your own divinity. Earth and its experiences are the tool kit for which each person can use and learn with all the tools need to explore that. The goal isn’t inner peace, that is the byproduct, this gift of the practice of oneness brings. The reward. If you concentrate too hard on the goal of loving everyone, of inner peace. inner wisdom whatever “goal” you think Spirituality is, look again and make sure that you aren’t missing the full spectrum of healing and journey that is being offered through these tools. It isn’t a one size fits all. It isn’t an organized set of beliefs perse, it's about how you find that path within you and then strive to walk it every day. That is how we are able to love, and hold space as many of you call it. We call it witnessing the oneness without distorting someone else’s experience.

That movie the matrix isn’t far off from the illumination of distraction in some ways. Spirituality is learning to live, love and prosper in a life despite the struggles and troubles, to be able to vibrate and hold more energy and chi for the peace of self and love vibration. To understand that nothing is impossible and what is possible begins with release of the doubt through connection with oneness. When you do this moment to moment the ripple effect you can have on others is indeed larger than sometimes the human mind intends or can conceptualize. Me: Can you speak to how the process of learning the manipulation of energy beyond boundaries of the human system fits to this? For example: The Shaolin monks? Part of me believes in learning to manipulate energy for the purposes of growth and creation and reconnecting to what's possible. Yes we can speak to this. The Shaolin learn with their tools and practice and embody their learnings every day. They are disciplined, they are practicing, they are asking questions in their minds and consciously practicing the connection with source of oneness through body, mind and soul. They have become good at reaching behind the human confines to realize the energy. The understand being in ability isn’t about DEFYING the gravity of life and laws, it is about harmonization and working WITH the energies. With the human confines, often times humanity puts so much limitation on themselves they have forgotten how to dream, they have forgotten magic as you call it, some of us call magic science, and they have forgotten imagination. They live more in “not possible” because society and systems have organized everything into compartmentalized boxes. We are waiting for you to break the box and step out of how you confine yourself.

We do understand that sometimes organization helps society form a sense of stability. This is not what we speak of. Stability is the understanding of safety fro many. But stability and the feelings of safety to explore the self, life, and other notions can mean different things to each person. We do have much to say on this subject, let’s continue to speak on this more. End Channel.

As I reflect on this, I take note of what my Spiritual walk and talk looks like. I also take note of the areas of my life I need to reconnect with discipline. It's nature and animals. Listening to the heartbeat of mine because that is the pulse of the universe as well. Its yoga, magic, ritual, art, music, song, its asking better questions without worrying about conclusion or ultimate ending. It's feeding my body and listening to it so that I may be able to experience all the tools I choose to this Earth has to offer. It's mediation and candles with focused breath, and some days it's crying with rage and boogers. Some days its radical accountability in fully heightened emotional states, despite wisdom gleaned, that I don't know what the hell I'm doing all the time. It's also the notion that every day i choose to exercise self discipline, I get to try again. My own personal ground hog day of try again. Tiktok video.... I'm coming for you with a version of this to hopefully meet people where they are.

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