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Snowflakes, Meditation, and Healthy Lack

I am exploring these mandalas lately for fun. During lyme recovery, I have had pretty much no use of my body or mind to a productive degree. Most days I just can't adult, body, or even try. It affects the mind, and the physical when you get to the degree of progression I did. Using advice I give others of creating non committal art while I'm allowing Pooka Sprites(TM) and other things to build momentum, I sat covered in blankets with my lap top as comfortable as I could. I just wanted to escape and see what happens without worry. To allow momentum to build. It was also an experiment plug in for my illustrator from Astute Graphics. It occurred to me this am, a few ah ha moments that felt deeply personal through my time here in my couch bed where I rest, sleep, relax and gain strength as to… Why snowflakes aside from season are the subject of choice?Why mandalas aside from my path. Why any of it?

This morning I connected dots and not because I tried. The connection was just there. Awareness sonic BOOM! Today feels like a fucking win.

I have been doing a new mediation in the last week almost daily. Even if it’s just for a minute. Yes… Meditation DOES NOT have to be an hour every day with some sort of agenda. Screw that. For many of us this is unsustainable and unrealistic in a busy rat race world. Find what works and stop the struggle. Make things work for you. Over processing is still over processing! Sometimes it can just be sitting and being with your thoughts and feelings acknowledging them, breathing away from distraction. Because I take this approach it has allowed me to keep meditation moments in my life and it feels less obligatory as a spiritual wellness seeker and practitioner. Obligation is a crappy vibration :)

The awareness Ah HA moments connects to the new meditation which connects to the snowflake/mandalas, and connects to using the meditation to help shift my vibration from sickness to miracle. This meditation happened for me organically. It came from my consciousness or gifted from a greater consciousness so many times I closed my eyes lying in wait for my body to feel some assemblance of health.

The Ah Ha moment slammed into me as I heard “Health issues can be connected to lack vibration.” With all my training I feel like I knew this so many times for other people even with health, but never considered my health to be part of a lack place. Lack in my journey normally equated with a monetary or self worth issue. Lack in general as I connected the dots can be about way more infinite spirals in the human psyche and existence. Lack is just purely something needing, wanting, misconstrued, or missing—lacking. Health issues can be a symptom of this since mind, body, soul are all connected. It can also be a symptom of the need to transform. GASP! The low coherence struggle of resistance into a stronger more serving vibration because we fear the change and what we worry it might look like and will it be better or worse? This is the unwillingness to let go of what we know, and where we are comfortable. We fear losing the important things within us or externally. That constant worry about if what replaces it will give us the same thrill or sense of love and belonging. That's human thinking. Our need. Our desire without the trust of what can be if we apply ourselves and align with allowing.

This mediation I engage in follows some simple principles I’ve combined from incredible conversations and mentors who have been instrumental in helping me shift through this lyme time. Put your tools together people. Combinations can be powerful.

I have been visualizing and speaking aloud about the the level of infinite wealth and abundance that is connected to universe and then witnessing examples in my minds eye that come. Next, I repeat that same step within myself and go into the allowing of examples to surface in my minds eye. Sometimes I see the same things, sometimes I see different things. All I know is I have released in crying sobs and shifted what I can see as infinitely abundance on a daily basis. The words here are important. Infinite, Abundance, Wealth. I often add to my session…. "I see this in the universe and I see this in myself. I am part of the universe therefore it is my birth right to be in alignment with infinite wealth and abundance of any aspect of my life I so desire. I am the universe… I AM." --- Theta Folks, Use this a download and say YES!

During these mediations, I have seen the infinite spirals of the fibonacci principles and the repetitive patterns in nature. I have seen the tiny veins and cells of the plants into the tiny grains of sand from beaches to the deep inner earth. The largest to the smallest particles all around the world. I have seen atoms, molecules, cells and their miraculous constant wealth and abundance of division that will continue infinitely happening. I have seen the countless stars in the sky through galaxies and dimensions beyond our own. I watched neurons in the brain. The very cells and fibers that make up the fabric of my physiology and universe. Then I saw the snowflakes. The patterns were infinite and numerous in size and variation and how they worked together. The life cycle from beginning to end shifting from one state and transforming into another.

And guess what? There was more of this happening beyond what any human mind could count and put a number on. That's infinite abundance and wealth my friends. May you be blessed and see this every day of your life regardless of struggle and suffering.

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